How Long Does it Take to Charge a Chevy Bolt?

The Chevy Bolt EV brings the latest in green technology to the streets of North Charleston. With an electric range of 259 miles fully charged, it’s got one of the longest ranges in the EV segment. How long does it take to charge a Chevy Bolt to 100%? If you’re starting with a depleted battery and charging until you reach 259 miles of range, it’d take approximately 9.5 hours using a 240 V electric car charger. No matter how much time you’ve got available, charging your Bolt to get the range you need for the trip ahead is easy!

Chevy Bolt Electric Car Chargers: Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3

As we noted, EPA estimates set the Chevy Bolt EV range at 259 miles on a single charge. Depending on your usage of a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 electric car charger, how long it takes to charge the Chevy Bolt will vary.

Level 1 Basic Charging – 120 V Portable Charger Cord

Designed for easy home charging, the Level 1 portable charger cord can be safely plugged into a 120 V three-prong household-style outlet. At this level, it takes one hour to earn 4 miles of Bolt EV range.

If you typically just make short, low-mileage trips around Mount Pleasant each day, Level 1 charging should suffice for your lifestyle. It’s recommended that you plug the Bolt EV in each night if you’re charging this way, so it can have a decent amount of time to replenish the battery power and range you used that day.

Level 2 Fast Charging – 240 V Home or Public Charging

Upgrading to Level 2 charging will allow you to earn 25 miles of range per hour of charging.

You can find Level 2 electric car charger stations around town in James Island, or you can have the unit installed at your home by a professional electrician. If your daily commute racks up 40-50 miles per day or more, this electric car charger is worth the investment as you could replenish 40-50 miles in about two hours.

With a completely depleted battery, Level 2 charging will bring the Bolt EV back to 100% charged in approximately 9.5 hours.

Level 3 Super Fast – DC Fast Public Charging

You’ll find this type of electric car charger exclusively at public charging stations. Plugged into a Level 3 unit, it takes just 30 minutes to get 100 miles of range.

In order to plug into DC fast chargers, the Bolt EV must be equipped with a special port. If you would like the option to replenish as much as 160 miles of range in only one hour, contact us to ask about the price of adding this charge port to the Bolt EV.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Chevy Bolt EUV?

New to the Chevy Bolt family is the Chevy Bolt EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle). It’s a little larger than the standard Bolt EV, with passenger space that’s fit for everyone from single drivers to growing families. The Bolt EUV has a maximum electric range of 247 miles and offers the same charging options as the Bolt EV. How long does it take to charge a Chevy Bolt EUV? The Chevrolet Bolt charge times for the EUV are nearly the same as the EV. Take a look below to learn more:

  • Level 1, 120 V Charging — 4 miles of range per 1 hour of charging
  • Level 2, 240 V Charging — Full charge in approximately 7 hours
  • Level 3, DC Fast Charging — Up to 95 miles in 30 minutes

Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Chevy Bolt charge times give you the power needed to continue your trip without taking too much time off the road.

Learn More About Chevy Bolt Charging in Charleston

Find a new Bolt for sale at Rick Hendrick Chevrolet when you’re ready to trade in your gas-powered vehicle for an innovative EV or EUV. And don’t forget, we offer an ongoing selection of new Chevy specials that can help you save! Check out what’s available today, then apply for financing if you would like to get pre-approved with us.

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